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New: Keene Middle School Project Photos

Archaeological Monitoring at the Russell Colbath Historic Site and Cemetery, Rt. 112, Albany, New Hampshire.

Field Crew, Phase IB Intensive Archaeological Investigation for the Berlin, NH Industrial Development and Park Authority.

The Lebanon Slate Mill site (27GR221), East Lebanon, NH. Constructed in the 1860s as part of the short-lived slate industry in the upper Connecticut River valley, the site was later a tool factory and a bobbin mill before being abandoned in the 1920s. Archaeological and archival study of this site was undertaken for the City of Lebanon, and a set of recommendations were presented to the Lebanon Conservation Commission to ensure its preservation and use as a historic resource for the community.

Proposed cell tower location, Bartlett, New Hampshire. Monadnock Archaeological Consulting provides expedited reviews of cell tower sites, with letter reports provided within 72 hours of site inspection for completion of FCC Form 620.

The Trow's Mill site was identified during the Phase IA Archaeological Sensitivity Assessment for a proposed subdivision in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire. Dating to the mid-19th century, the site included the well-preserved remains of the massive stone raceway that channeled the water powering the mill. Located just outside the project area, the mill site was documented and recorded in the archaeological site files maintained by the New Hampshire Division of Historic Resources.

The Gutterson Farm site (27HB378), a mid-19th century farm site in Milford, NH identified during a Phase IA Archaeological Sensitivity Assessment for a proposed residential subdivision. Phase IB Archaeological testing resulted in its placement in a conservation easement, protecting the site while permitting the subdivision project to go forward.

Phase IB Intensive Archaeological Investigation and Phase II Determination of Eligibility Study were conducted at the site of a proposed sidewalk in Holderness, New Hampshire, and resulted in the identification of a Native American site. Artifacts included a large biface dating to the Terminal Archaic period between 3200 and 3800 years before present, and a caudal vertebra from a beaver showing cut marks from a stone tool (compared to a modern unmodified specimen in the photo below).

New: Keene Middle School Project Photos

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